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Shrubs & Perennials

Fill your garden throughout the year

Our large shrub & perennial range includes a vast range of plants and we have something for every garden. Our stock changes weekly so be sure to visit us regularly.


Hedging Plants

Hedging plants are great for providing cover in exposed areas, keeping noise down from busy roads and creating a windbreak. You can plant them individually if you’re trying to cover a single structure or in a row to create a full hedge. For advice on planting and spacing please ask us in store.


Evergreen Shrubs

Evergreens are great for giving your garden year round colour. Smaller varieties are perfect for using in planters and at the front of planting beds. Large evergreens are best suited to the rear of planting beds and for giving the birds somewhere to take shelter.



These plants generally die back in the Winter and then come up again during the spring. We have a large range of perennials available from the start of Spring right through until Autumn comes.


Deciduous Shrubs

These shrubs tend to lose their leaves during the winter and will leaf up again in the Spring, some will take longer to leaf up and some can flower much later in the year.

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