Bedding Plants

Brighten up your outside spaces

At Roots & Shoots we grow almost all of our bedding plants on site so that we can guarantee great quality and reasonable prices. Look out for our Winter Pansies and Violas available now

Black Soil

Composting Do’s and Don’ts

To get the most out of your new bedding plants be sure to dig over any existing beds and replace plants with fresh compost before planting. You may also wish to add some fertiliser or water retaining crystals to the compost to help your plants thrive.

Watering & Care

In extended periods of warm weather make sure you water your plants daily and not in full sun as this can scorch the leaves. During the Autumn and Winter months you will need to make sure your plants are not sitting in water as this could cause rot and slow the growth of your plants.

Watering the Garden

Spring Bedding Plants

Colour for the warmer weather

Our range of Spring Bedding Plants will be available from April 2022. We will have our full list of plants soon and if you’d like to order anything in advance just send us a message.

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